iPiante.it is born from the experience of a group of plant and flower enthusiasts. It's a small site that gathers, in essence, tips and suggestions for the most common plants clustered in easily readable tabs. It does not claim to be a botanical treatise, but in its intent would like to provide answers to those who seek to disentangle among plant management activities. If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact us at ipiante@wzm.it

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Outdoor plant, native to tropical region, perennial, with large stem. It's among the most cultivated plants in the world, due to its wonderful and colorful flowers. Rhizomatous begonias, on the opposite, have small flowers and beautiful colored leaves.


Azalea is an indoor or outdoor plant native to Asia. Azalea is very often cultivated in pot, due to particular soil composition it needs. Very generous and beautiful flowering.


Perennial plant, tipically grown indoor. Native to the tropical regions of Asia, with beautiful long shaped green leafs. Flowers are small and little decorative.

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